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The Equalities Act 2010 requires that goods and services are offered on equal terms to people with disabilities. This page offers advice to ensure that the content of this website is available to as many people as possible.

How to increase the font size on this website

Please follow the instructions below for the web browser you are using. The instructions may also work with other versions of the same web browser.

Internet Explorer

Screen magnification

Depending on the web browser you are using, you may simply be able to hold down Crtl button and use the “+” or “-” button. Or for specific browsers see detail below.

Internet Explorer


Mac / all browsers

Hold down the command key and press +

If the text is still not large enough after adjusting your settings, then it may be worth investigating screen magnification software.  Products vary depending on features, such as whether speech support is built into the program. Some of the more popular products include Lunar, MAGic and Zoomtext.

Changing screen colours

Internet Explorer


We have tried to make each page on this site accessible to a wide audience and to ensure a better experience for all users and all technologies.  However, if you have found a page that is difficult to access, or have any other feedback, then please email the technical team including a link to the relevant page and we shall work to correct it.